Village Board of Trustees


The Village of Waterford Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Village of Waterford, making decisions on operations, policy and procedures, finances and taxes, personnel, and planning. They consider the recommendations of the various committees, commissions, and authorities of village government. The board is responsible for all operations of the Village of Waterford. 

The Board consists of the Village President and six trustees who serve two-year terms. The president and three trustees are elected in odd-numbered years and three trustees are elected in even-numbered years.


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


01-04-17  Agenda;  Minutes
01-09-17  Agenda;  Minutes 
01-18-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Joint CDA/Plan/VB - AMENDED
01-23-17  Agenda;  Minutes
01-31-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Special Meeting 
02-13-17  Agenda;  Minutes
02-27-17  Agenda;  Minutes
03-06-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Special Meeting
03-13-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Joint VB/CDA 
03-13-17  Agenda;  Minutes
03-27-17  Agenda;  Minutes
04-10-17  Agenda;  Minutes
04-24-17  Agenda;  Minutes
05-08-17  AgendaMinutes
05-22-17  AgendaMinutes - Joint VB/Fin
05-22-17  AgendaMinutes 
05-23-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Joint VB/Personnel/Library
06-12-17  Agenda;  Minutes
06-13-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Special Meeting
06-26-17  Agenda;  Minutes
06-27-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Special Meeting 
06-27-17  Agenda;  Minutes - Joint Review Board 
07-10-17  Agenda;  Minutes
07-24-17  Agenda;  Minutes
08-14-17  Agenda;  Minutes
08-28-17  Agenda;  Minutes
09-11-17  Agenda;  Minutes
09-25-17  Agenda;  Minutes
10-09-17  Agenda;  Minutes
10-23-17  Agenda;  Minutes
11-13-17  Agenda;  Minutes
11-27-17  Agenda;  Minutes
12-11-17  Agenda;  Minutes

Contact Us

  1. Village Hall


    Jim Schneider - President
    First Elected in 2017
    Term ends April 2019
    Andrew Ewert
    First Elected in 2016
    Term ends April 2018
    Don Houston
    First Elected in 2012
    Term ends April 2018
    Kathy Nargis
    First Elected in 2017
    Term ends April 2019
    Tamara Pollnow
    First Elected in 2013
    Term ends April 2019

    Special Election - Nov 2017 
    Term ends April 2018

    Appointed or Elected in 2017
    Term ends April 2019

  2. Meetings
    2nd and 4th Mondays
    6:30 PM

    Village Hall Chambers
    123 N River St
    Waterford WI