Fox River Citizen Group

The Fox River Citizen's Group is again seeking support from the public

on issues of preserving the health and integrity of the Fox River. The Racine County Drainage District has applied for a permit to modify Rochester Dam operation orders in periods of high water flow. On the surface one might believe this protects the Village in flood prevention, however the citizen's group has concerns that the vague language in the permit will allow RCDD to maintain dam operations at its discretion. The citizen's group is asking the public to contact legislators and the DNR with their concerns. The DNR is accepting comments until March 14. Submit your comments to Elaine Johnson at 141 NW Barstow St., Room 180, Waukesha WI 53188 or email

Notice of Pending Application for Proposed Water Levels and Flows / Notice of Public Information Meeting

Village and Fox River Citizen's Group Letter in Opposition to Rochester Dam Operations change.

The public information meeting is March 14 at 2:00 pm at the Racine County Ives Grove Office Complex, 14200 Washington Ave (Hwy  20 at I-94), Sturtevant. The Village and Fox River Citizen's Group strongly encourage all interested parties to attend.

August 2, 2016 Public Information Meeting

A public meeting held on Tuesday, August 2nd provided updates on efforts to halt drawdowns of the Fox River between the Waterford and Rochester dams requested by the Racine County Drainage District (RCDD). RCDD obtained DNR permits to drawdown the Fox River for the past two years. A report on the status of the opposition efforts was shared with Village residents and others from surrounding communities interested in preserving the fishery and recreation activities, along with Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive, and state Rep. David Craig, and Sen. Van Wanggard.

The meeting then focused on two distinct issues:
1. drawdowns of the river between the dams for drainage canal maintenance, specifically dredging. RCDD has drawn down for the past two years between October and March to dredge canals. It is entering 3rd year of 5-year permit but has yet to complete the dredging. Since the meeting the DNR has denied their 2016 request to drawdown
2. request to permanently draw down the river every winter from October to March to address RCDD's claims of canal bank erosion and potential flooding. The "Forever" drawdown is sought by the RCDD, claiming that it will revent bank erosion and potential flooding. The DNR's denial of drawdown also contains language that indicates it is unlikely to approve this request. See the denial letter and related documents here.

Fox River November 2015 Drawdown

Fox River  Drawdown November 2015

Thank you to all who wrote to legislators to share your concerns about the Fox River drawdowns!

 The Village received notice from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that the permit request by the Racine County Drainage District to drawdown the river this winter has been denied. The denial supports many of the contentions of the Fox River Citizens Group and the Village.
DNR Drawdown Permit Denied