Ten Club Park


Ten Club Park is a small park located in the heart of Waterford along the Fox River. The small park is a pleasant spot to relax during shopping and dining excursions in the downtown area and provides another opportunity to enjoy the river.


Ten Club Park was donated to the Village to be preserved as a park for all to enjoy. It was the site of one of Waterford's largest and most active businesses of the day, considered a real department store. Struck down by fire, Waterford's largest, in 1898,destroying the entire stock and building - a total loss. The land was donated to the Village in 1920 by the ten philanthropic business men (hence the name Ten Club). Charter members of the club include Edward Malone, Walter Best, Eugene Patrick, Clint Ellis, Edward Kortendick, E.H. Miller, Will Kinney, Fred Johnson, L.F. Kortendick, and Albert Glueck. Others joined the club later -- R.E. Bennett, B.F. Wiemer, A.B, Krakofsky, H.C. Bergr, G.H. Thompson, Joseph Kepper,Thomas Ensing, Charles Reeseman,AM. Rittma, Frank Rambo, Oliver Noll, G.H. Caley, Irving Foat, Jr., Hubert Miller, Harry Mealy,Charles Confer, Dr. F.A. Malone, Geo.W. Shenkenberg, Henry F. Kempken, W.S. Jones, L.C. Storms, Nic Hauper.


The Village Public Works & Utilities Committee (PWUC) devoted many hours and discussions to enhancing the park in the near future. In late 2018, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT) will begin a major road reconstruction on State Highway 20/83 which runs through downtown Waterford. One of the first steps of the project was to purchase the Riverhouse bar and restaurant on the corner of East Main Street and 1st Street, abutting Ten Club Park to raze the building and improve the intersection with a wider turning radius to accommodate large trucks. This was in advance of the larger reconstruction.

The WDOT has indicated that the agency is interested in providing the property to the Village, either giving or for a small price. The PWUC set for themselves the task of redesigning the park with the additional property to make it an attractive and functional public land that would be more inviting to residents and visitors. A survey was distributed to the entire community in utility bills and a public meeting sought input from the citizens.

One of the first improvements was included in the River East street and municipal parking lot reconstruction project to prepare the area to accommodate more parking in advance of the WDOTs large project which would challenge downtown business owners to maintain access for their customers. Included in the project was public parking at Ten Club Park in the Elizabeth Street right-of-way, which provides . 
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Proposed Design for Ten Club Park - 2020

10 club master plan drawing