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1. What is included in the project?
2. What will the project do?
3. When will construction begin?
4. Will summer activities in the park still be held?
5. What about launching my boat?
6. Will I be able to use Village Hall Park at all this summer?
7. Will I be able to use the library? What if the parking lot is full? How will I get back out to Main Street?
8. How do I learn more or get updated information as the project progresses?
9. There is a presidential primary in August, will we be able to vote at Village Hall?
10. Will I be notified of street closures in advance?
11. What kind of access can I expect during construction?
12. Why is there a sidewalk on one side of the street and not the other?
13. Why were these streets chosen at this time?
14. Will my garbage and recycling still be picked up at the curb? Will I still get my mail delivered?
15. What is happening with sanitary sewers?
16. How will the Village pay for this project?
17. If I pay taxes, why may I have to pay a special assessment?
18. What is the process for special assessment?
19. When will I know the cost of the special assessment?
20. How do I pay the special assessment?